ABOUT timeless creation for sorbe

Sorbe brand aIms for tImelessness wIth Its perfect cuts and top-qualIty fabrIcs that flow from day to nIght. The brand explores a modern unIform daIly look. Founded by Başak Barlas In 2016, Istanbul based Sorbe brand was InspIred by the lIves and lIves of women. TheIr passIon for lIfe, theIr perseverance and theIr sImple lIfe have been guIdIng. Each pIece In the collectIon Is desIgned based on tImelessness and each pIece Is a fresh balance of masculIne and femInIne, strength and softness.
The 3 wardrobes that can be worn from day to nIght;
DaIly&UnIform...MasculIne dressIng wIth femInIne and elegant taIlorIng that wIll transcend the seasons.
Sport EdIt...A varIety of clean, mInImalIst optIons offered both sport and style wIth hIgh-qualIty fabrIcs and dIfferent cuts.
NIght...PuttIng modern women look on the classIc tuxedo to create a unIque look for women. MakIng the women look out at nIght InvItatIons

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